PlugNgo E-Charge Mobile App

PlugNGo EV Charging Network Solution is built on open standards, which not only allows for flexibility with charging equipment, but also allows for open communications between the driver, the vehicle, and the charging station.

Our back-end solutions offer you flexible tools for managing features of charging devices. 

We offer EV drivers a comprehensive solution for finding and accessing charging stations.

Our Apps allow EV drivers to find available charging stations, start and stop charging as they wish, and pay with various payment methods. The service also comes with extensive end-user management and station management features.

We support most popular open standards. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) facilitates the communication between the central management system and EV charging stations from different vendors. PlugNGo network uses OCPP 1.6 J for communicating between EVSE and CS.

PlugNGo Network is compatible with most device manufacturers that meet the latest OCPP standards.

PlugNGo Admin Portal:

PlugNGo admin provide following functionalities.

Station Management

Create charging stations in PlugNGo network with required information, commission, and update stations, add chargers, view their real-time operational status. Generate QR codes for the charger.

User Management

Add and edit PlugNGo Platform users (both EV drivers and PlugNGo admins), assign RFID cards to drivers.

Flexible Pricing

Set pricing rates by chargers and connectors types for certain periods, discounts, subscription pricing,

Billing Payment

Get billing and payment managed by EV-Motors. We support credit card, debit card, eWallets, and UPI for accepting payments from EV drivers,


Access updated reports on charging sessions, revenue earned, energy delivered.

Firmware management

View charging stations’ firmware status and update the firmware whenever new update is available.

API Integration

Integrate API to communicate backend updates and retrieve PlugNGo data (locations, chargers, sessions, etc.).

Charging Solutions for Fleets

PlugNGo makes it easy for fleet operator to go all electric. PlugNGo app provide privilege to Fleet admin to manage fleet drivers from the app.

PlugNGo App:

  • PlugNGo app allow EV user to Find a public charging station near you that is open, available, and ready to be used. Our mobile app makes it easier for you to charge on -the-go.
  • Locate the nearest charger
  • Charge and Pay with your Phone: Quickly scan the QR code with your smart phone and easily pay for your charging session right from your mobile app.
  • App can be used to charge 2W, 3W and 4W electric vehicle under PlugNGo Network.
  • Get real-time charging updates: You can check charging meter values on the app.
  • Check your charging progress: You can check state of charge of battery on real time.
  • View your charging history and balance: You can see old charging history and available balance in case of fleet admin.
  • Booking a Slot of charging in Advance.
  • Subscription Based charging based on your vehicle and user type.

Efficient Allocation
Integrated & Secure Payment Gateway
Track Usage History Payment & Charging

To Download PlugNgo Mobile App

PlugNgo Backend Service Centre

Dashboard provides instant details of energy consumed, charging statistics, new users details and other relevant reports .


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